To już wszystkie pary z adicolor które chciałam mieć. Mam nadzieję że będą jakieś nowe wzory i może w końcu będą dostępne w PL a nie wszystko trzeba z ebaya ściągać.


11.10.2012, 05:58 ::
Review by Tim F. for Rating: This is my first pair of adidas shoes baecuse I am usually a Nike and Reebok fan. I wanted a new casual shoe that looked and felt great. I am usually wary about sizing about shoes but I went with the regular shoe size that I buy.These things feel great. They are incredibly comfortable and feel true to size. They did not take long at all to break in. I wore them on a work day and my feet did not hurt at all. I got a couple of scuffs but at the end of the day I just put some water and mild soap on a towel and cleaned it all with no trouble. This being my first pair of adidas I was very surprised and I definitely intend on buying more in the future.